Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So good to be home again

This gloomy weather has me thinking, even more than the lovely summer did, about how wonderful it is to be back home in Portland.

It's not just the contrast with my last January, either; yes, there is the added bonus of not sliding down a street made of ice and trying to keep my blood liquid at -25c, but it goes deeper than that. I walked to the bus in the rain today, and was soaked to the bone by the time I stumbled onboard with my glasses fogging up enough to blind me. Still, I have to say that I felt a little good about the experience, which was pure Oregonian winter. Even now, I'm looking out of the library's window onto a city made of gray sky, gray streets and gray buildings, but it's all overlaid by tree branches coated in the vibrant emerald moss that is my favorite part of winter here. It's so bright and abundant, and you don't find moss like that in other places. The bare trees look lovely in it, even in the rain.

Bare branches are underrated, in my book. They're the reason I love to go to the Chinese Garden in January every year, when all of the leaves have fallen and the trunks and branches of the plants are left behind, and you can appreciate the structure and shaping of the trees without anything in the way. The persimmon trees are just black skeletons with flaming orange fruit suspended in their midst, and some of the less well-known Chinese plants don't show their true nature unless they're lost their leaves.

My dad took this picture of me with my favorite plant at the garden, the Flying Dragon.

It's a thrilling thing to be back with the people I love, and to be loose in the city I know best. Gray skies and rain be damned.

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Patricia Lichen said...

Welcome home! We're so glad to have you back!

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