Friday, January 11, 2013

Russian Time Machine: January 1-11

In this edition of Russian Time machine, we'll talk about the first two weeks of my January in St. Petersburg.

I already talked about my New Year's celebration with my fabulous host family, in which I introduced them to oatmeal cookies and finally convinced them I was human by getting drunk and mocking the president.

The first couple weeks were pretty boring, mostly me in bed with some hot tea and a giant pile of books to read. There were a few small events, including a new tutor (who was amazing for the rest of the year) and the start of the flood of homework that left me no time for blogging. I also started my internship, which deserves a post all of its own.

The main event was a few days after the new year, when I made American pizza. This was an exciting new adventure for all involved, since Russians love pizza but have no idea what it is like outside of Russia. This is most clearly illustrated by a conversation I had with my host mom:

Host mom: So, what is American pizza, anyway?
Me: Well, you start out with dough.
HM: Regular dough?
Me: Yeah, just like rolls or bread. Then you roll it out flat-
HM: And then you put the mayonnaise on it?
Me: No. Then you put sauce on it. Tomato sauce. Like on pasta.
HM: Then you put the mayonnaise on it?
Me: No, then you put the cheese on it. Usually this italian kind, called "mozzarella", and some other kinds, too.
HM: So you put the mayonnaise on top of the cheese?
Me: No! Then you put on the vegetables and meat and things.
HM: But where's the mayonnaise?
Me: THERE IS NO MAYONNAISE! Crust. Sauce. Cheese. Toppings.
HM: No mayonnaise? At all?
Me. No. No mayonnaise. Mayonnaise does not go on pizza.


Greg said...

Very funny!

Noni said...

I love the mayonnaise fixation. And how do you say WOW in Russian?

mafon2 said...

Actualy there are very lil' people in my enviroment obsessed with mayo. Like there's no one. Though i knew that some love to add it to insta noodles, i've even seen mayo-flavoured ones in a store.

mafon2 said...

Ooh-ti – Ух ты

or you just "Wow". Yep, russians wow too. No one Ooh-ti anymore.

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